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10 Ways you know you’re from Adams County

By Stacey Fox – If you’re from Adams County, Pennsylvania, or have lived here for most of your life, there are a few things that you know to be true. We love our farmlands, we love our history and we love our heritage. Check out our list of ways you know you were born and raised in Adams County.

1. You know spring has arrived by the fruit blossoms.

Cherries, peaches, apricots, plums and of course, apples, are abundant in Adams County. Spring officially arrives when each blossom has bloomed. If you happen to be from the northern parts of Adams County, you can tell what type of fruit will be produced just by the flowers on the trees.

2. You shop at farm markets year-round because you can.

There is nothing better than a bountiful market during harvest, but in Adams County, we can shop year-round at our local farm markets. Flavorful meats, apples that still taste fresh off the trees, local mushrooms, free-range eggs… no doubt about it, we are farm-to-table.

3. You only drink local cider because the best cider is made where the apples grow.

As the fourth largest apple growing region in the nation, and the biggest producer in Pennsylvania, we know apples, and we know which apples make the best cider. We celebrate cider each June at the PA Cider Fest. We also know that our cider tastes amazing in an apple cider donut!

4. You love farms and barns and tractors… even if they are in front of you on the road.

There is something about the beauty of our rolling hills, the sun rising over the fields and orchards as you drive through the county in the morning – somehow it makes all of your car rides that much more enjoyable. Every so often, we are reminded to slow down in life by that tractor that is chugging along in front of us. It’s our reminder to look around and be grateful that we live in Adams County.

5. You don’t declare fall official until the National Apple Harvest Festival.

Have I mentioned we love apples here? We are Apple Country. We think it would be wrong not to celebrate this delicious fruit – and so we do, the first two weekends in October. Every year you eat your way through the National Apple Harvest Festival that features all things apples, a car show, petting zoo, orchard tours, arts and craft vendors, live music… and tractor square dancing (I told you we love tractors).

6. You cut your own Christmas tree from an actual tree farm.

This is a family tradition for those of us who live in Adams County. There is nothing better than walking through a beautiful tree farm to select your very own tree, cutting it down and dragging it back to be wrapped and loaded… especially if we get an early snowfall. Of course, you have to enjoy hot cocoa and at least one candy cane while you’re there.

7. You know at least 10 places to go ‘ghost hunting.’

Okay, so this is actually what we do growing up for fun… and sometimes carry it over into adulthood because we’re sure that this place is haunted. Old houses, back alleys, cemeteries… so many legends. We only have one rule about ghost hunting – be respectful.

8. A walk in the park means a stroll through a 6,000-acre national park which is not only beautiful, but part of our nation’s history.

When you have a national park practically in your backyard, taking a leisurely evening walk in the park takes on a whole different meaning. We don’t take for granted the huge piece of history that took place in our homeland. We remember our heritage and enjoy the preserved landscape at Gettysburg National Military Park that is beautiful throughout the year.

9. You’ve picked your own fruit and you get your pumpkin from the patch, not the store.

Sometimes we buy from the market, but we prefer to go to the fields and orchards and pick our own strawberries, blueberries, cherries and apples. Somehow, they just taste better. Of course, we are guilty of a little taste-testing… but not too much. We like to eat some fresh, bake with them and do a little canning. Growing up on homemade strawberry jelly made from local berries means never eating a store-bought jelly, I’d rather go without.

10. You’re not surprised to see a Civil War soldier in line at McDonald’s.

For some people, seeing a Civil War soldier at your local restaurant would be odd; for us, it is commonplace. We don’t even seem to blink if we see a WWII soldier driving through town in an old jeep. Doesn’t that happen everywhere?

If you’re an Adams County native, tell us, what do you love about living in Adams County?

About the Author
Born and raised in Adams County, Stacey spent a few years discovering other parts of the country before settling down to raise a family back home. Stacey can’t imagine living anywhere else and enjoys spending time with her husband, two children and their yellow lab. Long before working in Adams County tourism, she was sharing the story of home with others and sharing why everyone just had to visit.

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  1. Loved your thoughts about what makes an Adams Countians. I shared it with all my Facebook friends who have moved away. Thanks.

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