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5 Fascinating Artifacts Found In Gettysburg

By Cory Runk – Have you ever wondered if Gettysburg houses artifacts that can’t be seen anywhere else? Artifacts so interesting that it gives you chills just listening to the story behind it? Historical items which the likes of President Lincoln, President Eisenhower, Thaddeus Stevens and many others have owned or used in their everyday life are located in Gettysburg – have you seen them?

I, too was wondering the same thing and decided to explore the town this summer to search for artifacts that can only be found here. Gettysburg is a treasure trove of interesting relics and with over 200 years of rich history, it was a tall order to find a select choice of artifacts that were more interesting than others. Despite the task of locating these artifacts, I was eager to begin my adventure of exploring Gettysburg.

I searched all over town and visited several local establishments looking for artifacts that really stood out to me. I thought I knew about some of the more notable artifacts but until I actually went searching for them, I found out that it was far from the truth. There are so many historical items located throughout the town so to keep this post from becoming a novel, I chose five interesting items. Here are five fascinating artifacts that are only located in Gettysburg. Please click on the image to view the location of each artifact.

The artifacts may have been the main objective of my journey, but they weren’t all of my journey. Walking the town, talking with the owners and hearing their passion for history was a reward all in itself for me. I felt their exuberance during our conversations about the relics and it inspired me to share these stories with everyone who would listen. With the multitude of artifacts on display in Gettysburg, this list could be even longer. This is but a small taste of the unique artifacts found in Gettysburg so we encourage you to explore and create a list of your own favorite artifacts.

About the Author
Cory Runk is a native of the Adams County area and has spent many years frequenting the fine establishments of Gettysburg. Despite spending the majority of his life in or around Gettysburg, Cory still manages to learn new and interesting facts about the town and finds that to be one of the greatest features of the town. Cory is an avid photographer, nature hiker, sports enthusiast, and beer lover. Cory currently lives in Fairfield, Pa., with his wife, Bridget.

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