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Adams County Growing Season – Blossom to Harvest

In Adams County’s countryside, time is measured in growing seasons. It begins in spring – when we start to see the first signs of new growth – buds pushing their way through the branches of fruit trees. Those buds then turn to beautiful, vibrant blossoms that create a blanket of color on the orchard-covered hills of the countryside. Take a look:

The yearly transformation of Adams County’s countryside is an amazing thing to witness, and if you’ve never seen Adams County in bloom, we highly recommend adding it to your bucket list – and making your way through this list of great places to experience it. But spring’s blossom season is truly just the beginning. The petals of those blossoms eventually do fall, but only to make way for an abundance of fruit – cherries, peaches, apples and so much more – which then leads to harvest.

There’s nothing better than enjoying a freshly-harvested sweet and juicy Adams County peach or taking a bite from a crisp apple, straight from the tree. Throughout the summer and fall, stop by one of Adams County’s countryside markets to pick up fresh produce to take home, or even pick-your-own. Enjoy the fruit just as is, or try using it to bake sweet treats like fresh cherry white chocolate cookies, peach pizza pie and apple pie. And through Adams County’s growing craft beverage industry, that freshly harvested produce is going even further and we’re now able to enjoy it in even more amazing ways. On your next trip to the area, discover our wineries, distilleries, cideries and breweries that are taking Adams County produce and using it to create irresistible craft beverages.

4 thoughts on “Adams County Growing Season – Blossom to Harvest”

  1. Beautiful work on this publication. From our home – snow still visible and with some extra this morning – makes one hopeful that spring is near. Will be there in person in ten days.

    • Thank you! The snow has melted in Gettysburg, although we got some snow showers yesterday. We hope there is beautiful spring weather for your upcoming visit!

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