10% off March Flavors of the Month!

Gettysburg Olive Oil Co.

The Marketplace at Gettysburg , Gettysburg, PA 17325


Promo Code: MARCHflavor

Garlic Dark Balsamic Vinegar: Pungent garlic in a thick dark sweet balsamic vinegar, this is a great option in a vinaigrette or as a drizzle on your Caprese salad. Mix it with our Parmesan, Garlic Rosemary Extra Virgin Olive Oil for a great chicken marinade or dipping sauce. A darker version of our White Garlic Balsamic.

Butter EVOO: Feel guilty no more! Classic movie theater butter aroma will fill your home after sautéing your favorite veggies in this mouthwatering delight of an extra virgin olive oil. Make shrimp scampi without concern! Anywhere you use butter, replace with this heart healthy olive oil. And don’t forget to spray it on your popcorn!

Valid from: 03/01/2023 - 03/31/2023

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