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Jun 11

Adventures, Experiments and Other Exploits

NOTICE: Hollabaugh’s Adventure Team is recruiting adventure seekers!


  1. Between ages 7 and 12;
  2. Willing to spend 1.5 hours away from parents;
  3. Ready to participate in mad science;
  4. Inclined towards bold, daring feats;
  5. Able to read languages (dwavish, fairy and old gnomish in high demand);
  6. Absolutely MUST be ready for adventure at all time.

If you feel you match these qualifications, have a grown-up sign your name to the Adventure List which can be found by using two great inventions: telephone and internet. Choose to come to one or all of our quests. Remember, the team needs you to succeed in our mission (which is supposed to be secret and not published on the great invention of the internet)!

  • June 11, Nature: Hit the Books – No, there will be no “hitting” involved, but there will be books! In fact, adventurer, you will make your own book and your own paper! This book will be your all important guide through out the summer that you will complete with each new adventure you have. Doesn’t sound like your type of fun? What if you made your very own piñata to take home with you?
  • June 18, Science: Balloons are the Best – Embark on an adventure full of those magical rubbery latex devices known as “balloons.” With just a little bit of mad science, you will inflate your own balloon without using your mouth! And create your own gnome ambassador (because I bet you don’t speak gnomish, do you?) balloon toy.
  • June 25, Cooking: I said “SNACK” not “smack”!– A month into adventures and you definitely need some snacks, am I right? Well cruise on over for a morning of bold, daring and delicious snacks: pizza muffins, custom chips and pretzel cities are yours for the making.
  • July 2, Nature: Get Plant-y – See if you can earn your green thumb after this adventure into a world of plants. Create your own terrarium and make a one-of-a-kind edible plant head. The edible plant head will be used in our July 16th adventure, so don’t eat it yet!
  • July 9, Science: Mad Mad Marshmallows – It is time to involve the tasty and well renowned food of adventures into our scientific endeavors: the marshmallow. It will be hard to know where the science ends and the delicious snacking begins, but with the help of marshmallows we will learn about the sun and the earth and your stomach will be happy that you did!
  • July 16, Cooking: It was Mint to Be – Bring your edible plant head from July 2nd to a mint themed cooking adventure. If you didn’t join us on July 2nd (what were you thinking?), fear not, you can still participate. If you did join us on July 2nd but destroyed your edible plant head already (how could you?!), fear not, you can still participate. Adventures seldom get so tasty as this!
  • July 23, Nature: It’s an Art-Filled World – You may think that art and nature have nothing to do with each other, but you couldn’t be more wrong! Adventurers all over the world have been using nature as their art supply store. Create your own cave painting and Aztec sundial. And to keep the creativity flowing, you will get to make your own sidewalk chalk!
  • July 30, Science: Flying Objects – Have you ever dropped an egg? I bet you did. I bet it made a mess. Have you ever tried to drop it without breaking it? Put on your mad scientist’s hat and create the unbreakable egg! Parachutes, landing gear or some other creation – which will you choose?
  • August 6, Cooking: Baked Treasure – All good adventures must come to an end, but we will make an end that is worth remembering! It’s bold. It’s daring. It’s buried treasure! Well, actually, it’s not buried so much as baked (which makes it edible so that’s even better!).

Cost:  $15 per program. Or register for all nine programs and receive the ninth one for free.

Registration is required. Register online or by phone at 717-677-8412. Space is limited.

Registration closes three days prior to the event. All materials must be pre-purchased by the instructor, therefore no refunds will be issued. We reserve the right to cancel an event due to insufficient registration. In that case, students can make another choice or receive a full refund.

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