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Heritage, Habitat & Health: Gettysburg Summer Speaker Series…

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Time: 2pm

Price: $7


Gettysburg Heritage Center Museum
297 Steinwehr Ave.
Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

History is made every day.
We have all become a big part of history over the past year.
As we continue to move forward, and look back on where we have been, and what we have done, we can’t help but examine procedures and advancements that have origins rooted in the American Civil War.

Nature, which is sometimes overlooked, played a factor in the Battle of Gettysburg, and throughout the Civil War. Similarly, during the pandemic, it became an intricate part of our health and wellbeing.

There are a lot of interwoven pieces between Heritage, Habitat & Health, and we will explore these topics during our summer speaker series.

Free admission for Heritage Center Members!


July 31st: Brad Stone
Civil War Armies Medical Advancements: ​Modern Medical Crises

​​Brad Stone will describe how the Civil War armies made tremendous medical advances mass casualty evacuation and treatment – advances that continue to save lives on the battlefield and in our everyday lives. Civil War developments in such medical systems as triage, ambulances, hospitals and hospital ships help us to deal with a wide array of modern medical crises – including the COVID pandemic.

August 7th: Patricia Rich
Nature of the Battlefield

The Gettysburg National Military Park is one of the most visited National Parks in the nation. Visitors come to tour the battlefield and hear the stories about those three fateful days in July, 1863. There is another, often overlooked, side the the park. Due to the many years of preservation of the fields and surrounding areas, the park has evolved into a diverse eco-system. It is home to many native and introduced species of birds and plants. Patricia will discuss these natural treasures, and show you a different perspective of the Gettysburg Battlefield.

August 21st: Noel Kline
Angels of the Battlefield: The Role of Nurses During The Civil War

​Noel will present an overview of the role nurses played during the Civil War to care for the dying and injured soldier. He will offer a brief review of the diseases and conditions soldiers suffered including how the technology of war changed casualties of war. In addition, he will discuss 19th century Christianity and death with relevance to the Civil War. His presentation will also briefly discuss medication and other treatments of illnesses and wounds. Lastly, he will explain how the Civil War has changed nursing care today.

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