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Live Music At Reid’s Cider House

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Reid’s Winery: The Cider House
400 Baltimore Street
Gettysburg, PA

Come out to Reid’s Winery: The Cider House for live music by talented local musicians and fantastic wine and cider produced locally right here in Adams County! All Cider House LIVE music events are outdoors under our pavilion!

May live music lineup!

May 6th (7-10pm) – Brahman Noodles

May 7th (6-9pm) – Shrimp Ryan’s Jig Band

May 13th (7-10pm) – Frank & Bob

May 14th (2-5pm) – Brian Forberger Duo

May 14th (7-10pm) – Schizophonic

May 20th (7-10pm) – Across The Pond

May 21st (7-10pm) – Faded Denim

May 27th (7-10pm) – Frank & Bob

May 28th (7-10pm) – Patapsco Delta Boys


JUNE live music lineup!

June 3rd (7-10pm) – Brahman Noodles

June 4th (6-9pm) – Shrimp Ryan’s Jig Band

June 10th (7-10pm) – Frank & Bob

June 11th (2-5pm) – Mitch & Dave

June 11th (7-10pm) – Irvine & Lewis

June 17th (7-10pm) – Jason & Michelle Hannan

June 18th (2-5pm) – Suzi Brown

June 18th (7-10pm) – Neil & Shannon

June 24th (7-10pm) – Frank & Bob

June 25th (7-10pm) – Ragged Edges


JUly live music lineup!

July 1st (7-10pm) – Faded Denim

July 2nd (2-5pm) – Hemlock Hollow

July 2nd (6-9pm) – Shrimp Ryan’s Jig Band

July 8th (7-10pm) – Frank & Bob

July 9th (2-5pm) – Matt Miskie

July 9th (7-10pm) – Kirk Wise Duo

July 15th (7-10pm) – The Willy’s Acoustic

July 16th (2-5pm) – Brian Forberger Duo

July 16th (7-10pm) – Schizophonic

July 22nd (7-10pm) – Frank & Bob

July 23rd (2-5pm) – Evan Crider

July 23rd (7-10pm) – Across The Pond

July 29th (7-10pm) – Brahman Noodles

July 30th (2-5pm) – Mitch & Dave

July 30th (7-10pm) – See The Elephant


AUGUST live music lineup!

August 12th (2-5pm) – Secret Bandwagon

August 12th (7-10pm) – One Blue Night Acoustic

August 13th (7-10pm) – Neil & Shannon

August 20th (2-5pm) – Mitch & Dave

August 20th (7-10pm) – The Willy’s Acoustic

August 26th (7-10pm) – Brahman Noodles

August 27th (2-5pm) – Tom May

August 27th (7-10pm) – Bob Keel


SEPTEMBER live music lineup!

September 2nd (7-10pm) – Frank & Bob

September 3rd (2-5pm) – Suzi Brown

September 3rd (6-9pm) – Shrimp Ryan’s Jig Band

September 9th (7-10pm) – Brahman Noodles

September 10th (2-5pm) – Evan Crider

September 10th (7-10pm) – Kirk Wise Duo

September 16th (7-10pm) – Frank & Bob

September 17th (2-5pm) – Brian Forberger Duo

September 17th (7-10pm) – Neil & Shannon

September 23rd (7-10pm) – Irvine & Lewis

September 24th (2-5pm) – Neil & Shannon

September 24th (7-10pm) – Hemlock Hollow

September 30th (7-10pm) – Frank & Bob

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