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The Magic of Snow Tubing at Liberty Mountain Resort

By Paige Neidig –  Growing up, my family and some of our friends would go snow tubing every winter. My mom would tightly bundle me up in snow gear, layer after layer, until I could barely move, but that didn’t stop me from sprinting to the tubing area to pick out what I deemed to be the fastest tube. I remember racing down the hill in competition with my friends over and over again, making for one of the best nights I’d have all winter.

Fast forward many years to this winter. My friend, Kody, and I get stir crazy easily. We’re always looking for the next adventure – and sometimes that’s tough to find in the winter months. Liberty Mountain Resort, located just outside of Gettysburg in Fairfield, Pa. is the perfect fix for the winter blues. We had a great time snowboarding at the resort before, but thought we’d try our hand at something a little less challenging this time around. We are both new to snowboarding and a few hours on the mountain tends to wipe us out pretty quickly. Looking back at my snow tubing memories from my childhood, I wasn’t sure if it would be quite as fun as an adult – but I was hoping for those same feelings of excitement and exhilaration that I felt as a kid, minus being bundled up so tight I couldn’t move.

As Kody and I loaded on to the shuttle that transports guests to Boulder Ridge Snow Tubing from the main resort, I did feel like a kid again itching to arrive so we could race down the hill. And, I’ll admit, that as we picked out our tubes I secretly did a quick inspection to pick the tube that looked the fastest. We ascended the mountain on the covered moving carpet lift, or as I called it as a child, the “magic carpet.” Part of the magic of snow tubing certainly has to do with the feeling of floating up the hill on the carpet lift.

When we reached the top, I couldn’t help but admire the view. With the landscape covered in white, everything is more beautiful. This is one thing I know I didn’t appreciate as a child. I was too caught up in competing to notice the beauty of the snowcapped mountains surrounding me. And, of course, I couldn’t pass on the photo opp of us at the top of the hill to remember this day.

Being two competitive people, Kody and I chose lines next to one another, so we could race. There may have been a little friendly trash talking involved between the two of us as we waited our turn. His strategy was to go down on his belly, while I chose to sit upright in my tube. The tubing team at Liberty sent us down the mountain and it was just as I remembered – the slight belly drop when you first go down the hill, the wind through my hair, picking up speed as you soar down the mountain… this is the magic of snow tubing.

It turned out there really wasn’t any competition in this downhill race; Kody beat me by a long shot. But that didn’t stop me from having an incredible day. When we needed a break from the cold, we warmed up inside the log lodge where hot drinks and hot meals are served. We didn’t stay inside for long before heading back out for a few more rides down the hill.

When we started to get hungry, we headed into the town of Gettysburg for dinner. Kody is a sports fanatic, as well as a foodie, so I knew just the spot to bring him to – Gettysburg Eddie’s on Steinwehr Avenue. Gettysburg Eddie’s is a tribute to Gettysburg native and Baseball Hall of Fame pitcher, Eddie Plank and serves everything from burgers to salads to seafood. Kody opted for the Philly Cheese Steak, and being a veggie lover, I ordered the Portabella Melt. With our bellies full and a fun outdoor adventure in the books, we couldn’t have been more satisfied.

Plan your own outdoor adventure at Liberty Mountain Resort. Whether it’s skiing, snowboarding, snow tubing, or ice skating that catches your interest – try one or all of them at Liberty this winter! If you’re from out of town, plan a stay in town or at the resort for a Gettysburg winter couple’s retreat.

About the Author
Growing up in nearby Wellsville, Pa., Paige made frequent trips to Gettysburg with her family. Today, she enjoys rediscovering Gettysburg as an adult. As a nature enthusiast, she is especially amazed by the landscape of Adams County, Pa. She likes spending her time outdoors amidst the orchards and hillsides of Adams County. Paige enjoys traveling and experiencing new things with her friends and family.

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