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Media FAQs

Does Destination Gettysburg assist journalists with visits to the Gettysburg area?

Yes, we welcome members of the media and under certain restrictions, are able to assist visiting journalists with securing lodging and admission into attractions and tours. On occasion, Destination Gettysburg may also assist with meals. Destination Gettysburg is unable to assist with transportation to and from the Gettysburg area, but are happy to accommodate the media for travel within the destination. For more information on our media policy, request a visit.


Can the media bring guests and/or family members while visiting Gettysburg?

Yes, we encourage the journalists to bring their family and friends to explore Gettysburg and Adams County on their own; however, Destination Gettysburg cannot guarantee lodging, meals or admission into attractions and tours for guests of working journalists. On occasion, the story may necessitate family members or friends visiting, and we will make arrangements on a case-by-case basis.


Are there restrictions to shooting photographs/video on the Gettysburg battlefield?

Yes. Photographers who are working independently and taking photos on the battlefield may do so freely, but if models and/or equipment are being used, a permit is required. Media shooting video, unless shooting for breaking news, are required to file a permit with the National Park Service, preferably two weeks prior to arrival. A permit may be downloaded from the website. Permits are not required for shooting video or photography in the town of Gettysburg, although privately owned museums and other sites may have their own rules.


Can the media obtain special access to the Gettysburg Re-enactment?

*The Gettysburg Anniversary Committee will not be hosting or organizing the 2020 Annual Gettysburg Civil War Battle Reenactment. While there won't be a reenactment, living history encampments, presentations and education programs will still be available to visitors. The Shriver House Museum and Gettysburg Heritage Center will continue to host their own living history events during anniversary week. Gettysburg National Military Park is also slated to host living history events throughout the summer season including special anniversary ranger walks. We welcome you to find new ways to commemorate the anniversary of the battle in Gettysburg.


What is the best time of year for the media to visit and cover the destination?

Each season is great for different reasons. The summer and fall tend to be popular for both visitors and media because there are numerous national events. The spring is a great time for journalists who are looking to file an advance story on some of Gettysburg's summer and fall events, or cover Adams County's apple blossom season. The winter is a time to focus on some of the region's lesser-reported stories, like the holidays and President's Day or skiing at Liberty Mountain Resort. Destination Gettysburg encourages media interested in visiting to first look at our Calendar of Events and see if there is an event that interests them. Unless a journalist is interested in covering the anniversary and/or the Re-enactment in late June and early July, we discourage media from visiting during this time because of lodging availability.


What is the difference between Dedication Day and Remembrance Day?

Dedication Day is the anniversary of the Gettysburg Address. A ceremony featuring a wreath-laying and keynote speech, along with the reciting of the Gettysburg Address, happens every year in the Soldiers' National Cemetery on Nov. 19. Remembrance Day – Gettysburg's annual tribute to the brave soldiers who fought here – is always held the Saturday closest to Dedication Day. On Remembrance Day, a large parade featuring thousands of Civil War re-enactors and a luminary in the National Cemetery is held.


Are there photographs available to the media?

Yes, we have thousands. Our photograph collection includes images from the battlefield, annual events, Media are encouraged to view images in our press photo gallery. If journalists don't find what they are looking for, email Rachel Wright and she'll supply what you need.


Are there experts or historians available to the media to answer questions?

Gettysburg is home to many nationally known historians, tour guides and experts on the Civil War, Lincoln and the Battle of Gettysburg. Destination Gettysburg is happy to put the media in touch with the appropriate expert as a source in their story.

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