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Gettysburg College Spring Choral Concert

Last Date:

Time: 8 p.m.


Gettysburg College Spring Choral Concert
Christ Chapel, 325 N Washington St
Gettysburg, PA

The April 13th choral spring concert at 8pm will feature Camerata, Concert Choir and the Gettysburg College Choir singing choral music and all three ensembles coming together to sing “The World Beloved” by Carol Barnett.

The World Beloved: A Bluegrass Mass – To bring the solemnity of the classical choir-based mass together with the down-home sparkle of bluegrass—now there’s an assignment. Barnett’s highest hope is that listeners coming from one tradition— classical or bluegrass—and perhaps dubious about the other, might discover something new and wonderful in the combination, as she did. Composing the music for The World Beloved gave her the chance to write cheery sacred music— all too rare in a medium rife with staid and even lugubrious settings. And it brought her back to memories of music heard while visiting her grandparents, country music with a church flavor that told stories and came out of a scratchy old record player. Grandma would not have allowed dancing, but under the table she tapped her toes.

Students and Faculty are free, $5 for everyone else.

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