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Gettysburg Reptile Expo LLC

Last Date:

Time: 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.


Gettysburg Reptile Expo LLC
2638 Emmitsburg Rd
Gettysburg, PA

125 vendors, 270 tables. In this 40,000+ square foot space, you are amazed by what you see.

When you enter the Gettysburg Reptile Expo, you meet with lots of vendors who have thousands of reptiles and other exotic creatures waiting to be seen. Vendors raise incredible reptile reptiles and understand the essential roles they play in our ecosystem.

Encounter creatures and critters that fit in the palm of your hand or those that stretch out to be twice your height.

Gettysburg Reptile Expo LLC is a locally owned and operated venture with a mission to promote the reptile industry and all the positive attributes that it has to offer.

With 30 plus years of positive friendships and relationships in the industry, Gettysburg Reptile Expo LLC brings a unique reptile experience not only to the tri-state and surrounding area but also to the industry itself. Along with its many local breeders, the company also brings many out-of-state breeders, specialized breeders as well as many reptile specialty vendors that you may not see elsewhere.

By offering such a large diversity under one roof, Gettysburg Reptile Expo LLC is able to cover the spectrum, from the beginner to the advanced collector.


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