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Leadership Development

Meetings in Gettysburg have a unique opportunity to provide leadership development outside of the boardroom. As a place where great leaders were forced to think on their feet and make tough decisions, Gettysburg offers a living classroom for business executives and government officials to learn more about these great leaders and how to make decisions in a similar fashion.

Companies such as Apple, Kellogg, General Mills, Rite Aid and dozens of state and federal government agencies have made Gettysburg their home for leadership development. Programs from our several organizations utilize the skills employed on the battlefield to deal with stressful environments, limited resources and limited information to make good decisions. The battlefield becomes a classroom to help inspire teams and empower them to adapt to a world of constant change. These companies also look to Abraham Lincoln and President Eisenhower to provide lessons of leadership and of common soldiers who did uncommon things during a time of great stress. 

Meetings are more powerful when you deliver elements that can be employed upon return to the workplace. Whether you bring your group for a multi-day program or incorporate it into your next conference or retreat, you cannot have this customizable, hands-on experience anywhere other than Gettysburg. 

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Lindsay Methlie, Director of Sales