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Historic South Mountain Fruit Belt – America’s Orchard


Historic South Mountain Fruit Belt

Adams County, PA

The Historic South Mountain Fruit Belt encompasses over 20,000 acres and forms a fertile crescent covering the south-eastern slopes of South Mountain in the western half of Adams County. The soils are deep, well drained and gravelly, and make this one of the finest fruit producing regions in the United States. Only in Italy can similar soils be found. 

Adams County is the largest producer of apples and peaches in Pennsylvania and 6th in the nation. Our apple products are served in over 70% of restaurants and institutions across America. A thriving fruit industry has existed here for over a century, and now boasts a growing wine and craft cider industry.

Explore our scenic Historic South Mountain Fruit Belt to discover the beauty of our blossoms in spring and the fruitfulness of our harvest seasons. Along the way, you will uncover a variety of farm markets, wineries, events and activities that highlight our fruit growers. You will also see a landscape that is breathtaking, with miles of rolling hills orchards and beautiful historic farmsteads.

Each October you can enjoy our annual National Apple Harvest Festival hosted by the Upper Adams Jaycees highlighting our wonderful Apple County.

An adventure through “America’s Orchards” is a wonderful way to experience our authentic Adams County destination.


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