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Gettysburg Brew Tour

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2:00 PM

Price: $70


Brickhouse Inn
452 Baltimore Street
Gettysburg , PA

Meet like-minded individuals who enjoy soaking up illustrious information nearly as much as they savor taking down a frosty beverage. Gettysburg radiates with Civil War legends & the various taverns are instilled with the soul of the city. Explore each location & pair a libation with amazing stories behind Gettysburg’s most historic drinking spots.

Gettysburg is a beautiful town. It’s ripe with history and offers beautiful scenery. Gettysburg was also the turning point in the Civil War, which altered American’s trajectory forever. The small town sees thousands of visitors a year and is becoming a premier destination in Pennsylvania.

With the influx of visitors springs an influx of Entrepreneurs, all bringing something unique to town. The breweries are some of the most unique, from the styles of brews to the atmosphere within, which makes Gettysburg a favorite for history buffs who love to pair their exploration with a cold drink. The amazing history of the breweries and the powerful flavors of the brews create the perfect combo that results in some of the best breweries in Gettysburg.

Your ticket includes tour guide and a guided drinks!


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