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There are so many reasons why visitors and locals love Gettysburg and Adams County – the places, the people, the food, the experiences. We asked everyone to share and here are just a few of the things that we heard… let them inspire a new #myGettysburg in you!

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My boyfriend and I grew up less than a half hour away from Gettysburg, so it goes without saying that we have both spent a great deal of time here. Family picnics, school field trips- you name it. We have also both been working at the Dobbin House for about three years now, which is where we met. Living so close to Gettysburg has made us almost underappreciate the incredible history that has taken place here. So, we decided that we would do the whole “tourist experience.” We started at the visitor center before we visited several monuments and landmarks, and then we finished the day by watching the sunset on top of one of the observation towers- which is where we took this photo. This photo is only the first of a series of fifty. We made a goal to visit each of the fifty states, and what a better way to start than to kick it off by viewing our hometown in a whole different light. Gettysburg is such a beautiful little town full of so much history. I feel lucky that I was able to grow up here.
Paige Owings, Scranton, PA

Paige Owings

After attending a friend’s wedding in Lancaster, PA, a stop at Gettysburg seemed like an obvious choice on our road trip back to Virginia. I hadn’t been to Gettysburg since childhood so I was excited to see the new museum and cyclorama. Kurt has participated in Civil War battle reenactments and was equally excited. It was raining when we got there so we made a mental note to take a picture with the Abraham Lincoln statue on our way out. After soaking up all the visitors center has to offer, we emerged to a beautiful sunny day and snapped a selfie with Abe. We then enjoyed some lunch at the Lincoln Diner and shopping at the Regimental Quartermaster before getting back on the road home.
Briana Blanchard & Kurt Luther, Blacksburg, VA

Briana Blanchard and Kurt Luther

I first visited Gettysburg in 2004 and have been trying to go every year since. A week after I graduated high school, I didn’t travel to the beach, I traveled to Gettysburg. It is by far my favorite travel destination for several reasons. Gettysburg isn’t a vacation, it’s a transforming experience. The main battlefield itself will leave you speechless and pondering forever after what transpired on its fields. The town is amazing, too, as I love all of the shops, restaurants and pubs – all Civil War themed. To walk through town and see battle scarred houses and buildings is just as rewarding as the battlefield because in essence, it is the battlefield as well. This is #MyGettysburg
Matthew Holzman, Manassas, VA

Matthew Holzman

Sunrises on the battlefield. Gettysburg Eddie’s. The majesty of Little Round Top. The mountain views. These are all things that keep me coming back to #MyGettysburg.
Julie Betts Piskula, South Milwaukee, WI

Julie Betts Piskula

We camp in Gettysburg every weekend. You’d think we’d be bored by now… but there are so many things to do. We enjoy shopping at both the Outlet Shoppes at Gettysburg and the Round Barn, eating at Mr. G’s, drinking at Adams County Winery, dropping in at the Lion Potter or Mister Ed’s, going to the old fashioned base ball festival, watching fireworks and full moons from the battlefield, and of camping at Round Top Campground. But the best thing is the huge variety of tour options… we’ve done the auto tour, an old-fashioned touring car and played around on Segways… next up is horseback riding, carriage ride and a double decker bus! Truly something for everyone!
Krista Henry, Elizabethtown, PA

Krista Henry

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