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Agriculture Seasons in Adams County

Travel ten minutes north of downtown Gettysburg and visit the Adams County countryside, featuring an expanse of rolling hills, orchards, and farm markets.

The countryside is home to the South Mountain Fruit Belt, a swath of land that encompasses most of upper Adams County. This area offers favorable growing conditions for a wide range of crops, especially apples.

Journey on the Adams County Crop Hop and experience the beautiful countryside first-hand. Sign up for your free passport and check-in at farm markets, nurseries, and other attractions to earn prizes.

Due to the seasonal nature of farming, crops are available ... Read This Story

Solo Travel in Gettysburg

By Tinsy Labrie

I am a lifelong visitor to Gettysburg who decided to make this charming little town my home, like so many other travelers who fall in love with this community.

And, like a lot of those visitors, I find great passion in traveling solo – experiencing destinations on my own schedule, and sometimes, my own whim.

Solo travelers have been coming to Gettysburg since the battle ended, to tend to the wounded, to learn of their loved ones who fought there, or to understand the magnitude of what happened on July 1, 2, 3, 1863.  

People ... Read This Story

Gettysburg Area Brunch

Gettysburg Area Brunch

Half breakfast, half lunch, it’s a blend of comfort foods with tasty modern twists—accompanied by your choice of amazing cocktails—or ... Read This Story

A Girls Weekend Away

A Girls Weekend Away

In this chaotic, crazy world, sometimes a getaway with your closest girlfriends is just what the doctor ordered. With unique ... Read This Story

Burgers You Need to Try in the Gettysburg Area (in no order)

10 Burgers You Need to Try in the Gettysburg Area

Sometimes you just have a craving for a burger and fries. Restaurants around ... Read This Story

Adams County Pour Tour Beverage Maker’s Favorites

Adams County Pour Tour Beverage Maker’s Favorites

From wines, meads and spirits to craft beer and hard cider, the Adams County Pour Tour ... Read This Story

Comfort Foods to Try in Gettysburg

Comfort Foods to Try in Gettysburg

Sometimes in life, you want fresh and healthy food, and sometimes you want straight up comfort. This ... Read This Story

Pick-Your-Own Paradise

Pick-Your-Own Paradise

Adams County, Pennsylvania is the fruit belt, technically we are part of it, but once you have made a trip here ... Read This Story

Adams County Growing Season – Blossom to Harvest

Adams County Growing Season – Blossom to Harvest

In Adams County’s countryside, time is measured in growing seasons.

... Read This Story

Historic Dining in Gettysburg

Historic Dining in Gettysburg

The history of Gettysburg is undoubtedly one of the biggest draws to the area. It can be experienced through ... Read This Story

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