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Don’t Miss these 10 Sunset Views in Gettysburg

Anyone who has been to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania will tell you that the sunsets here are sensational. They beautifully signify the end to a wonderful day of exploration and learning for visitors and locals alike. The biggest question then is, where to spend your evenings catching sight of this wonder while in our historic town? Not to worry – we have ten great spots for you to add to your list next time you are in Gettysburg.

Oak Ridge

Whether it be from ground level or atop the observation tower, viewing sunsets across the first day’s battlefield won’t disappoint. As the northern most sunset view on this list, you can quietly take in this serene scenery.

Reynold’s Avenue

Sunsets from Reynold’s Avenue are spectacular in their own right because of the farmland spotted by occasional 19th century Pennsylvania Bank Barns. Between the fields, the barns, the tree line and the vast sky –  your landscape shot won’t be overtaken by modern structures.

Cupola – Seminary Ridge Museum

Sunsets from the Seminary Ridge Museum’s Cupola are a once in a lifetime experience! While the museum does offer special Sunset Tours in the summertime, regularly scheduled afternoon tours in the fall and winter will often offer this wonderful view. It is absolutely worth the climb up the Cupola steps.

Culp’s Hill Observation Tower

As one of the tallest points in town, the view from the Culp’s Hill Observation Tower is not to be missed. It offers the advantage of being on the eastern side of the town, which means that as you point your camera towards the sunset, you not only get a beautifully lit shot of the entire downtown area, but a view out to the First Day’s Battlefield and Peace Light Memorial as well.

The 72nd Pennsylvania Monument at The Angle

There is a reason the 72nd Pennsylvania Monument at The Angle is one of the most photographed spots at sunset. The way the monument is silhouetted by the sun brings the historic Pickett’s charge to life as the soldier atop the rock prepares to defend this ground with his life.

Pennsylvania Memorial

The Pennsylvania Monument, the largest monument across Gettysburg National Military Park, offers views of the battlefield and sunset like no other location here can. Standing 110 feet tall in the center of the 2nd and 3rd day’s Battlefield, all you can see are fields, monuments, the Round Tops and sky. This unobstructed view to the west highlights the South Mountains as the sun sets behind them.

The Peach Orchard

From the Peach Orchard in the late summer you can look to the west to see the sun setting just beyond the trees and the Longstreet Observation Tower. The sloping grounds offer numerous vantage points from this area that are begging to be creatively captured by photograph.

Eisenhower National Historic Site

Adjacent to Gettysburg National Military Park is the ever-peaceful Eisenhower National Historic Site. Promising to leave a “piece of ground better than [he] found it”, President Eisenhower settled into this farm in 1955 and got to work. The efforts of President Eisenhower, and wife Mamie Eisenhower, have left this property in great shape and its incredible views available to visitors all year round. It is easy to imagine why they chose to settle here, with this view just yards from their front door.

Sachs Bridge

While a little off the beaten path, a drive down to the historic Sachs Bridge off Pumping Station Road is well worth the trip. This beautiful 19th century covered bridge was used by the Confederate Army as they departed Gettysburg after the battle concluded. Today, it stands proudly, offering remarkable sunset views.

Little Round Top

It is nearly impossible to think about sunsets in Gettysburg without imagining the view from the slopes of Little Round Top at the southern end of the battlefield. The height of the hill with its open rocky face provides one of the most magnificent views at sunset all year round. Whether you and your camera are behind the Gouverneur Warren statue, or atop the 12th and 44th New York Infantry castle monument, you will not be disappointed.

These are just ten of many stunning places to watch the sun go down in Gettysburg. Each place is uniquely beautiful, with its own piece of history to learn. Which spots would you add to your list? Post your sunset photos to Instagram with the hashtag #GettysburgMoments to enter to win great prizes! Visit our website to learn more.

6 thoughts on “Don’t Miss these 10 Sunset Views in Gettysburg”

  1. I am so excited to have an opportunity to go to some of these spots to photograph the sunset with my new crystal ball this evening…if they turn out I will be sure to post them!

  2. When in Gettysburg, and the weather cooperates, I always start my sunset with Gouv on Little Round Top, moving to in front of the Angle when the sun hits the South Mountains to catch the last rays. The perfect way to end a day on the battlefield – somber, inspirational, uplifting. As Chamberlain said, …”the vision place of souls.”

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