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Blossoms a must-see for springtime travelers in Adams County, Pa.

Destination Gettysburg launches Blossom Belt map


Every spring, thousands of acres of fruit trees awaken from their winter slumber as blossoms emerge in a breathtaking landscape surrounding Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.

A few minutes’ drive down winding country roads leads to the Adams County Blossom Belt, where fruit trees paint a picture in hues of pink and white. Apple, apricot, cherry, peach, pear and plum trees are responsible for this dazzling display, guided by the hands of dedicated farmers.

“The people whose families have farmed this land for generations know that Adams County blossoms are a sight to behold, and word is starting to spread,” Destination Gettysburg President and CEO Karl Pietrzak said. “Those seeking to experience spring’s beauty in a serene setting will definitely want to add the Blossom Belt to their travel bucket list.”

To gaze upon the sea of blossoms, visitors need only turn their wheels north or west of Gettysburg. Once there, travelers will find farm markets stocked with local produce nestled among blooming orchards.

Blossoms precede a harvest that puts Adams County in the nation’s top percentage of apple growers. Once spring fades, petals fall to make way for more than 35 varieties of apples and the autumn festivities that follow.

While Mother Nature can be difficult to predict, the historic Peach Orchard at Gettysburg National Military Park typically indicates the start of blossom season. Buds tend to open there in late March, revealing shades of brilliant pink. Native redbud trees are the next to bloom, adding pops of rosy pink and purple across the battlefield.

To guide visitors to where blossoms are plentiful, Destination Gettysburg recently created the Adams County Blossom Belt Map. The stops on the driving trail include recommendations on where to eat, shop and experience spring’s beauty in the countryside. Travelers will also encounter special events celebrating the season of blossoms, such as the Adams County Blossom Festival at the National Apple Museum and Hollabaugh Bros. Spring Blossom Event, both to be held April 27.

The Blossom Belt Map and information on upcoming springtime events are available at Visitors can explore the Blossom Belt into early May, though peak bloom can vary from year to year. To discover more farm, market and agricultural experiences throughout the Gettysburg countryside, visit

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